Larceny Bourbon | Heaven Hill Distillery

Whisky Description The Larceny Bourbon is distilled by the Heaven Hill Distillery, which is run by the Shapira family. They produce other bourbons/whiskies that should be familiar in the American market; Evan Williams & Elijah Craig. Larceny is a newer product named after John E. Fitzgerald who used to (according to legend) sneak into Read more…

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Bourbon Cask Reserve | The Glenrothes

Whisky Description There are some strange details that often separate a Bourbon from a Scotch, or even between Bourbon and Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The Bourbon Cask Reserve by Glenrothes is single malt (barley) bourbon that is made in Scotland (Speyside). Scotch must also be aged in a barrel at least Read more…

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Copper Pot Whisky | Forty Creek

Whisky Description Canada is no new-comer to the whisky game. However, Forty Creek is still a young company. Started in 1992, Forty Creek was birthed from the dream of a seasoned winemaker. The Copper Pot Whisky is aged in new and unused oak barrels as opposed to some of the Read more…

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Quiet Man: 8 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Manufacturer’s Description My father was a bartender who worked for over 50 years in bars around Belfast. Sometimes he would bring me in to work with him and so I grew up loving the sounds and smells of the bar, the craic, the laughter and the smell of the beer Read more…

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